Who Am I?

About me

My life’s journey let me over continents and spans different professions to arrive back at myself.

And somehow, I feel the journey has just begun…

My mission

Empower you to find your inner strength and wisdom to handle whatever life challenge is coming your way.

Truly listen…

For the first 25 years of my professional “career” I did what many people do. I learned a profession (industrial clerk) and worked in different areas (logistics, purchasing, IT) for different companies on multiple continents.

Some experiences initiated a search for more meaning in my work. Working for Médecins Sans Frontières (doctors without borders) was one way to express this. But ultimately, I wanted to be free. So, I pursued the path of financial independence (FIRE). Having reached it on a modest level my goal now is to help with whatever knowledge I can offer.

In order to broaden my skills I became a certified Akasha Record Consultant by Gabrielle Orr and Reiki Level I, II and Master by Melissa Crowhurst.

My vision

Everybody lives from inside out, realizing their strength and values and living them truly, without relying on outside opinions.