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Akashic Records

The term Akasha comes from Sanskrit and means “sky” or “aether”. In other religions it is referred to as “The book of Life”.

According to Wikipedia the Akashic Records are
a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future in terms of all entities and life forms, not just human. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the mental plane. It is believed all thoughts, words, intent etc. generates its own unique “frequency or vibration” which is stored in the Akashic Records.

This came as an answer from the Masters and Teachers when I asked them this question:
The Akashic records are a database or library (in earthly terms) of all the information your soul and all the souls in the universe gathers throughout their journey, which includes (again in earthly terms) past, present and future. It is an infinite source of knowledge and wisdom that you can tap into in order to get guidance for your current life. It is a source of unconditional love for you. The Masters and Teachers, who kind of work as librarians, are here to help you on your journey throughout life-times. By shining light into your past experiences, patterns can be unraveled and knots you felt in this lifetime can be untied. By tapping into the Akashic Records you not only can get in contact with the Masters and Teachers but also with your Spirit Guides and loved ones if it is beneficial in that moment.

Many people have accessed the Akashic Records and so can you.

They are ascended masters that either have concluded their incarnation circle or never had to incarnate. They are entities that are very close to the source (divinity, God, universe…however you want to name it) but are still on a path towards there. Given their higher knowledge they are here to serve others with their wisdom.

Any questions are allowed. There are no restrictions. However, some things are more probable to be answered. Since your life, as any soul’s life, is gov-erned by the rule of “free will”, the Masters and Teachers will rarely tell you what to do. So, yes or no questions are not as beneficial as so-called “open questions” starting with “what”, “how” etc. This way the answer will also be broader than of a simple yes/no question.

The Masters and Teachers are not here to judge you. In fact, nobody is going to judge you…except you. They are here to provide you with answers that will help you in the current life circumstance you are. All the answers are enveloped by the infinite, unconditional love they have for you.

After filling out the contact form I will get in touch with you to find a suitable time. Plan around 60 to 90 minutes for the reading…especially since you will want some time to reflect before jumping back into your “normal” life.

Please prepare yourself with questions you want to ask during the session. I do not need to know those upfront. In fact, I prefer not to know them upfront so that my human mind cannot interfere. There is plenty of space and time when we are in the Akashic Records.
Please send me your full legal name though. If nothing else, like it is written on your ID card or passport.

I will record the session but please keep a notepad and pen handy and write down the topics/information you receive during the session. Tech things always can fail! Plus, this way you will have written down what you thought most important.

Have a good sleep before the session. I suggest to not drink alcohol or take recreational drugs up to 24 hours before the session. You want to be in the best mind in order to receive the messages from the Masters and Teachers.

During the session with me I will open your Akashic Records (with your permission) by citing a specific prayer. I will speak the prayer once out loud and repeat it twice in my mind. For this I will use your full legal name.

After having read the prayer I will stay some time in silence while establishing the connection and also waiting for some initial information from the Masters and Teachers.

After that, you can fire away with your questions 😀
As a rule of thumbs, it is better to ask one question, wait for the answer and then move to the next one instead of asking several ones at once.

You should leave the session with an elevated feeling. On one hand because you will have gained more insight but also because an energy transfer will have happened. And you will have been in a bubble of unconditional love.

I would recommend to drink some water and get some fresh air to ground yourself. And whenever you feel it is the right time you can meditate or sit in silence with the answers you have received.

I will send you your recording as soon as possible but not earlier than 24 hours after our session. Allow yourself to incorporate the messages you heard “live”.

In general, one session should be enough. Accessing the Akashic Records for you is not meant to work like with a Coach or Therapist. Of course, if necessary we can go into your Records another time but that also depends on the feedback of the Masters and Teachers if it makes sense. In those cases, I would suggest to leave some time between the sessions…specially to reflect and work on the information they provided.

Since time and space doesn’t matter when working with the Akashic Records they can be online or in person. Online, my preferred method is via Skype but others (WhatsApp etc.) are possible as well but might have limitations (e.g. recording). If you happen to be from Germany we can also make a normal call.

To be seen or not has their own pros and cons. I leave it up to you on how you feel most comfortable.

We all live a busy life and things can go not as planned even with such important meetings like the ones with the Masters and Teachers. However, to be fair to all sides please cancel or reschedule your session at least 24 hours before the session starts.

At this point in time I am offering my services donation-based only. I believe that everybody should get help when needed. And also, since this is a new area I work in I find this less pressure for me but also for my clients. However, I would be grateful for a testimony that I can publish on the website.

Please consider a donation here. Thank you!

Have fun 😀