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Dear readers/visitors,

I just launched my new website, which is about me giving Akashic Records readings, coaching and listen professionally. I am quite excited about it 🙂 This is, besides my travel blog site, the first website I built up and launched myself. Please have patience with me if certain things are not running as you would expect. Actually, I would appreciate feedback on any improvement ideas, bugs or display errors you see on your screen. It would help me if you send me a screenshot along with a short email to .

If you find the content useful, I would be happy if you share this website. Also, please subscribe to the newsletter.

What’s to be expected in the future website-wise?

In a version 2.0 I will add a translation into German. Also, I want to include a calendar where it will be possible to book a session with me directly.

As for now, welcome to my new home and thank you for visiting!


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  1. Natalia

    Glad to be hear my spiritual friend! Wishing you much success and looking forward to read future posts 🙂 love and light, Nat

    1. Matthias

      Thank you Natalia! Especially for always taking the time out to comment on my posts! Love, Matthias

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