I am happy to share links to friends and fellow humans that have made an impact on my life and work in areas that are in alignment with this website’s objective.

I constantly experience wonderful, vibration-raising and insightful readings in the Akashic Records with Abigail. She is also a certified Reiki Master, Life Coach and Healer.

It’s due to Carolin that I ended up in the Akashic Records 😉 She also does Lomi Lomi massages and much more. Check it out.

Sheer luck gifted me with the first distance Chakra Cleaning done by Emmy and I felt elevated afterwards. You can also contact her for Akashic Records Readings and Access bars.

I had several wonderful, love-encompassing Akashic Records Readings with her. She uses them and Theta Healing for her Intuitive Readings. Also she broadens my horizon 😃

One of those chance encounters that are no coincidence 😊 Her passion is Aromatherapy besides many other interests.