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Professional listening

A Professional Listener is not a psychiatrist, counselor, life coach or psychic reader. And contrary to these a Listener will not label you with a ‘mental condition’ or express any opinions, predictions or judgement on your situation. In essence, a Listener just reflects yourself back to you.

Everyone has ears but not everyone can truly listen.

You will be able to speak about anything on your mind. More than you would be able to with family members or friends. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed of course.

Professional Listening involves no counseling or psychological evaluation. No diagnosis can or will be given since I am no Doctor or Psychiatrist. Also, it is not my job to provide suggestions or answers, although many answers are revealed through this process. This complete judgemental-free environment enables you to spin-ball all your ideas and thoughts and this will lead to new insights for you.

You can expect to feel lighter after the session since you will have met with a Listener who laughs with you, feels for you, and understands your thoughts. Think of me as a mirror who reflects a clearer version of you back to yourself.

Any topics are allowed. There are no restrictions.

After filling out the contact form I will get in touch with you to find a suitable time. A session lasts for around 30 minutes. Give yourself some time afterwards before jumping back into your “normal” life.

This is your time! You are the master of the topics and the direction it goes.

You should leave the session with an elevated feeling as you will have gained more insight.

After your session has ended, you will not hear from me. I will not socialize, chat or talk with you on social media, phone or in person. You will interact with me at your next session online, should you choose to book again.

However many sessions you need. There is no limit. However, I do recommend some time (approx. one week) in between the sessions.

The sessions are online or via phone only. In exceptional cases, I can imagine taking a walk with you while listening but this is obviously limited to where I live. Online, my preferred method is via Skype but others (WhatsApp etc.) are possible as well but might have limitations. If you happen to be from Germany we can also make a normal call.

All sessions are held in a no seen environment. I believe this is the safest place to express all your thoughts without getting distracted.

We all live a busy life and things can go not as planned. However, to be fair to all sides please cancel or reschedule your session at least 24 hours before the session starts.

At this point in time I am offering my services donation-based only. I believe that everybody should get help when needed. And also, since this is a new area I work in I find this less pressure for me but also for my clients. However, I would be grateful for a testimony that I can publish on the website.

Please consider a donation here. Thank you!

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